MDS Coating


The coating has also proven its ability to resist against a common phenomenon called leading edge curl (see photo below). Leading edge curl can introduce airfoil flutter which can lead to engine failures. On the T58 engine (H-46 helicopter) zero incidents occurred when operated with ER-7™ therefore the US Marine Corps have mandated the coating on their H-46 fleet. In recognition of MCT's support to improve aircraft safety, (PMA 226) officials presented MCT with a US Marine Corps Flag.


Field Tested

The technology is based on 20 years of operational history with millions of coated airfoils. As clearly illustrated in the left photo, the ER-7™ coating technology has proven its effectiveness in the harshest erosive operating environments. The picture shows a T64 Engine (CH-53 helicopter) coated compressor blade after 2,022 hours, compared to a severely eroded uncoated blade after only 113 hours. This data underscores the significant improvement in helicopter reliability and maintainability that the ER-7™ coating has achieved and because of this MCT was awarded the prestigious Harry T. Jensen Award from AHS International.